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snail mail:
we've moved. do not send anything to the old address (56 bd voltaire, 75011 paris). send a mail to get the new postal address.
we like to get unsollicited demos/submissions. roughly 25% of the taâlem releases come from unsollicited demos.
so they are more than welcome as long as you are familiar with the taâlem catalogue (so please no metal, no harsh noise, no electro, no idm, no dark folk!).
keep it short!: we release 3"cdr so 24min is the absolute maximum length. do not send us three albums nor hours of random tracks, please select what you think are your best tracks.
please upload your submission (mp3 format only please!!! no m4a, no wav, no aiff, no flac) on your webiste or through any file-sharing website (dropbox, sendspace, wetransfer...) and mail us the link. do not point us to a myspace or a soundcloud page, we don't like listening to streaming music on the computer.
each demo will be carefully listened to but don't expect a very prompt answer... we'll get back to you if we're interested in your sounds.
promotional material requests:
you write for a magazine/webzine and would like to review the taâlem releases. that can be arranged.
please get in touch with links to your published reviews and we might send you links to download the FLAC versions of the latest taâlem releases.
no promotional material for any radio shows, sorry.
other pages taâlem-related pages:
feel free to go to our bandcamp page to download the free netreleases, our soundcloud page for some samples and the current taâlem radio podcast or our facebook page to say "i like!" :-)
taâlem newsletter:
you can subscribe to the taâlem/Kokeshidisk/Lucioléditions (almost) monthly newsletter by sending a mail to

with "subscribe" as subject.