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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 3
Internal Fusion
25 march 2002

original artwork : d.a. (photo) / taâlem
new artwork (december 2005) : cyril herry


Internal Fusion is a rare group. In almost fifteen years of activity, it has only released one solo CD (the fabulous "om vaira sattva hum" through Staalplaat), one CD in collaboration with Désaccord Majeur under the Tlön Uqbar moniker ("la bola perdida" also through Staalplaat), two tapes (through Désaccord Majeur) and taken part in a handle of compilations (including two on our own Harmonie). In spite of (or thanks to, who knows) this limited production, Internal Fusion knows perfectly its field and succeeds once again in captivating the listener.
Staalplaat once described Internal Fusion's music as "the French response to Rapoon and Muslimgauze." Add a good Lustmord proportion (one of the absolute references of Internal Fusion) and you will have a good idea of its music : dark ambiences rhythmed by numerous ritual sounds (bells, ethnic percussions, foreign languages...).

1. NedenBahe (9.27)
2. EnheGuenHan (10.13)