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alm 72

30 march 2011

photography : delphine ancelle-b.
la demeure, based on recordings in an abandoned hospital, chrzanow, poland
aller s'étendre sur la rive, based on field recordings in lisbon, portugal


after a recent lp on ini.itu, a cd on audiotong and various netreleases on test tube or resting bell, geneva-based sound artist d'incise proposes a release based on recordings collected in poland and portugal. the two tracks mix those found sounds and electroacoustic recordings with drones for captivating soundscapes...


tracklisting :
1. la demeure
2. aller s'étendre sur la rive


reviews :

Vital Weekly
[...] D'Incise from Geneva is quite active these days, following his AudioTong CD and LP on Ini.Itu. Here he offers two pieces based on field recordings. The first piece has sound recorded in an abandoned hospital in Chrzanow, Poland and the second in Lisbon, Portugal. Two pieces of deep end rumbling from the world of electro-acoustic music. High and mighty in the world of soundscaping these two pieces. Not presented in the form of cut-up sounds, but long form drone-like affairs. Excellently produced with lots depth and imagination. Hard to say what was actually captured on tape, I must say, although in the title piece we may or may not recognize some sort of respirator. [...] (FdW)

A new trio of three-inch CD-Rs from the taâlem imprint includes field recordings-based soundscaping from d'incise and Final Cut and a collection of abstract vignettes from Bad Sector (Massimo Magrini). [...]
The work of the Geneva-based sound artist d'incise (real name Laurent Peter ) isn't new to textura—we previously reviewed his Sécheresse plantée en plein ciel (Gruenrekorder, 2010) and Rivages sur l'antipode (ini.itu, 2011) releases—so were pleased to see another outing by d'incise included in the taâlem package. arpenter's two captivating collages are at the same level of the other releases. “La demeure” is evocative in the extreme, with d'incise weaving multiple real-world elements into a rather ominous, field recordings-heavy dronescape that incorporates bells, rustlings, and footsteps sounds taken from an abandoned hospital in Chrzanow, Poland. Using field recordings captured in Lisbon, Portugal, “Aller s'étendre sur la rive” threads the hum and clatter of overhead plane and train sounds, speaking voices, bell tones, the wing flapping and cooing of pigeons, church choir singing, and subtle dabs of musical instrument sounds into its mercurial, fourteen-minute presentation. Teeming with ever-changing detail, Peter's action-packed soundscapes hold one's attention from start to finish. [...]