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ninth desert
"recycled memories"
18 december 2006

artwork & photography : cyril herry

recorded in october 2006 by cyril herry


ninth desert is the latest project of the busy bee cyril herry. previously known under the ashes to ashes and lecanora aliases, he was also a founding member of sechres mound (with cédric peyronnet/toy bizarre) and exotoendo, this album can be considered as a collection of self-remixes of tracks soon to be released on various discs (mystery sea, afe records or verato project). a work between silence & dark ambient...

"as its title suggests it, these tracks are recycled sequences ; that means they could, or should, have been released on finished or forthcoming works. all the sequences have been re-treated specifically for this release. this "memory" principle is part of my sound work. i often include past -but reworked- sounds into recent pieces. they are remixes, kind of, but not exactly as most of the discs i refer to are not released yet." cyril herry, december 2006.



tracklisting :

ninth desert - recycled memories
1. isolation session
2. collision c
3. desert session
4. oubli(s) 11-06 mix
5. recycled sea
6. rouille (1996-2006 mix)
7. ex-sea session

a note about the artwork: for optimum effect, your cd case should include a white or transparent tray

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